User Agreement

Welcome to our interactive shopping website - OneTicket (, as an internet company that provides users with new and interesting shopping models, OneTicket provides various related services through online websites. When you use OneTicket's services, you and OneTicket will be subject to the constraints arising from this service agreement, OneTicket will continue to introduce new services, so all services will be subject to this service terms and conditions. Please read carefully the contents of this service agreement and confirm before registering. If you have any questions, you should consult with OneTicket's customer service. Once you agreed with this service agreement, this service agreement will have legal effect between the user and OneTicket. When you click the "Agree and Register" button during the registration process, you accepted fully of all the terms of this agreement. Follow the instructions given on the page to complete all registration steps.


OneTicket terms of this service agreement may be modified from time to time, and OneTicket reserves the right to make any changes to any of the terms of this agreement as necessary. Once the contents of the agreement have been revised, OneTicket will notify users on our website as well as our social media pages with immediate effect. If you continue to use the OneTicket, you are deemed to have been modified by the agreement. If you do not agree with the changes made by the site to the contents of the agreement, OneTicket will promptly cancel your use of the service. This site reserves the right to modify or discontinue services at any time without informing users. This site exercises the right to modify or discontinue services, without the need for users or third parties.


A) User Registration


1) User registration refers to the process of a user logging in to OneTicket, capturing relevant information and confirming the agreement with the service agreement.


2) The OneTicket's user must be a natural person with full civil capacity or an entity with legal business qualifications. Persons with no capacity for civil conduct, persons with limited capacity for civil conduct, and organizations with no business or specific business qualifications may not be registered as OneTicket's user(s) or trade in excess of their civil rights or abilities, such as transactions with OneTicket. If the service agreement is invalid from the beginning, OneTicket has the right to immediately stop the transaction with the user, cancel the user's account, and have the right to demand the corresponding legal responsibility.


B) User's Account, Password and Security


Once registered, the user becomes a legitimate user of this site. The user will be fully responsible for the security of the username and password. In addition, each user must take full responsibility for all activities and events conducted under his or her username. If the user finds any illegal use of the user account or there is a security breach, please notify the site immediately.


C) OneTicket Principles


The principle of equality : Users have the same legal status as OneTicket in the transaction process.


The principle of freedom : Users have the right to voluntarily participate in the purchase of any goods from OneTicket. No one may intervene illegally.


The principle of fairness : The user and the OneTicket acquisition of treasures should abide by the principle of fairness in exercising their rights and performing their obligations.


Honesty and Credit Principle : Users and OneTicket Recipients shall abide by the principle of good faith by exercising their rights and performing their obligations.


Fulfilment of obligations : When a user purchases goods from OneTicket to take part in a commodity sharing, both the user and acquirer have the obligation to complete such transactions in accordance with the terms of this service agreement (except for transactions which are prohibited by law or this agreement).


D) User Rights and Obligations


1) The user has the right to have his username and password at OneTicket and use the username and password to log in to OneTicket to participate in the commodity purchase. Users may not transfer or authorize others to use their own user names in any form.


2) Users have the right to check the product information, publish user experience, participate in product discussions, invite followers, upload product images, participate in OneTicket related activities, and enjoy OneTicket's activities on OneTicket in accordance with the provisions of this agreement and the relevant rules published on the OneTicket website, and enjoy other information services provided by OneTicket.


3) The user is obliged to provide his own real information at the time of registration, and to ensure the validity and authenticity of such contents as e-mail address, contact number, contact address, postcode, etc., so as to ensure that OneTicket can contact the user himself through the above contact information. At the same time, the user is also obliged to update the relevant registration data when the relevant data changes. The user guarantees that he will not use other people's information to register and participate in merchandise sharing purchases at OneTicket.


4) Users should ensure that honesty and credit principles are adhered to when they participate in commodity sharing purchases and that they do not disrupt the normal order of online transactions.


5) After the user has become a member of the OneOn1y’s Sales, he can receive the points according to the point rule of OneTicket. Accumulated points can be used for the exchange of the corresponding points in the site. The point rule, together with the terms and conditions relating to the rule, constitutes a complete agreement between the user and OneTicket. By accepting this agreement, you signify acceptance of the terms and conditions of the point rule.


6) Users have the right of freedom of expression; and they have the right to modify or delete their own published comments or statements in a moderate manner. Users may not publish statements containing the following contents in OneTicket:


a) Against the basic principles set by the Constitution, inciting, resisting, and undermining the implementation of the Constitution and laws and administrative regulations;


b) Inciting subversion of state power, overthrowing the socialist system, inciting and splitting the country, undermining national unity;


c) Damage to national honours and interests;


d) Inciting ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, and undermining national unity;


e) Any inclusion of discrimination against race, gender, religion, geographical content, etc;


f) To fabricate or distort facts, spread rumours, and disrupt social order;


g) Promote feudal superstitions, cults, obscenities, pornography, gambling, violence, homicide, terror, abetment of crimes;


h) Insulting others or fabricating facts and slandering others, or conducting other malicious attacks;


i) Damage to the credibility of state organs;


7) Users publishing their experience, discussing pictures, etc., in addition to complying with this article, they should also abide by the relevant regulations of the forum.


8) Without the consent of OneOn1y’s authority, users are prohibited from posting any form of advertising on the site.


E) OneTicket Acquisition of Products’ Rights and Obligations


1) OneTicket acquisition of products is obliged to maintain the normal operation of the entire online trading platform in the existing technology, and strive to enhance and improve technology, so that users of online trading activities can be carried out smoothly;


2) In the case of problems related to transactions or registrations encountered by users in registering and using the OneTicket Online Trading Platform and their conditions of reflection, OneTicket Winner should reply in a timely manner;


3) For a user who has made the following acts on the OneTicket Shopping Website, OneTicket Authorities shall have the right to delete the relevant information, terminate the service, etc., without obtaining the user's consent:


a) OneTicket Authorities has the right to inspect the user's registration information and purchase behaviour. If any problems are found in the registration information or the purchase behaviour, it shall have the right to issue the user an inquiry, request for correction or delete;


b) If a user violates the provisions of this Agreement or violates laws, regulations and local regulations, OneTicket reserves the right to stop transmission and delete its information, prohibit users from speaking, log off user accounts and disclose to relevant competent authorities in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.


c) For the following behaviours performed by the user during the first acquisition of the treasure, OneTicket Authorities has the right to take the user to delete its information, prohibit users from speaking, log off the user account, and other restrictive measures: including posting or e-mail or other transmission of malicious and false information that infringes on the content of the personal and property rights of others, conducts activities that are not related to the sharing of shopping or are not for the purpose of sharing shopping. Malicious registrations, sign-ins, reviews, etc., attempt to disturb the normal shopping order and will interfere with, destroy or limit any computer software, Information on software or other computer code, files, and programs of hardware or communications equipment functions that is uploaded, posted, sent by e-mail, or transmitted in other ways, interferes with or destroys OneTicket main websites and services, or with OneTicket main websites and services. Connected servers and networks, or other information that violates public interest or that may seriously damage the legitimate interests of OneTicket and other users.


d) Users hereby grant a one-time permanent exclusive right (and have the right to re-authorize this right), so that OneTicket can use, copy, revise, rewrite, and use it globally (in whole or in part). Publish, translate, and display users' various types of information on the OneTicket Shopping website, or create derivative works, and incorporate the information into any other work in any form, media, or technology that is now known or later developed.


e) For RM1 of the acquisition platform, the OneTicket acquisition of products has the right to modify the price of the product based on market changes, without having to notify the customer in advance.


f) The OneTicket crowdfund shopping model, in line with the principle of mutual voluntariness, shares the risk of unselected winners, OneTicket is not responsible for the results of the "lucky number" extracted, all users are expected to participate cautiously.


g) If the product does not reach the total number of participants in 90 days, the user can apply for a refund through the customer service. The refund item will be refunded to the user's account within 3 working days.


F) Delivery and Expenses


OneTicket will take the product to your designated delivery address. Deliveries are free across nationwide. Please fill out your real name, shipping address and contact information clearly and accurately. This site will not be liable for delays in delivery or failure to deliver due to the following circumstances:


1) Customer provides wrong information and no detailed address;


2) Failing to submit the delivery address and related information one week after winning the award is deemed as abandonment of the winning prize;


3) The delivery of the goods was unsigned, resulting in recurring charges and related consequences.


4) Unexpected circumstances, such as: natural disasters, traffic martial law, sudden war and so on.


G) Out-of-stock rules


If there is a shortage in stock the user obtains by participating in OneTicket, both the user and OneTicket have the right to cancel the transaction, and all of the money spent on that particular product will be returned in full. Or, OneTicket will pre-sell the other products with same value of higher than the mentioned out-of-stock product, and OneTicket will do its best to satisfy the user's purchase requirements within the shortest time. When the products are out of stock, OneTicket will notify the user by email, SMS or phone.


H) Limitation of Liability


To the extent permitted by laws and regulations, any damage or economic loss caused by the use of the OneTicket Service shall not exceed the total price of the goods purchased by the user in relation to the claim. These limits of liability will apply to the maximum extent permitted by law and will continue to be valid after the user's eligibility is revoked or terminated.


I) Ownership of web service content


The web services defined by this site include: text, software, sound, pictures, videos, charts, advertisements; all the contents of the e-mail; other information provided by the site for users. All of this content is protected by copyright, trademark, label, and other property ownership laws. Therefore, users can only use these contents under the authorization of the site and advertisers and cannot copy or reproduce these contents or create derivative products related to the contents. The copyright of all articles in this site is owned by the original author and this site. Anybody who needs to republish articles on this site must obtain permission from the original author or this site.


J) User privacy system


We do not provide, sell, rent, share and trade personal information of users to any third party. The user’s personal information will be partially or fully disclosed in good faith when:


1) With the consent of the user, disclose to third parties;


2) If the user is a qualified intellectual property right complainant and has filed a complaint, it should be required by the complainant to disclose it to the respondent so that the parties can handle possible rights disputes;


3) To disclose to third parties or administrative and judicial bodies in accordance with the relevant provisions of the law, or the requirements of administrative or judicial bodies;


4) If the user has violated Malaysia's relevant laws or website policies, it needs to disclose to third parties;


5) In order to provide the products and services you require, you must share the personal information of the users with third parties;


6) Other sites deemed to be suitable for disclosure according to laws or website policies.


K) Legal Jurisdiction and Application


1) The conclusion, implementation and interpretation of this agreement and the settlement of disputes shall be governed by Malaysian laws.


2) If the site's terms of service conflict with Malaysian laws, these terms will be fully re-interpreted in accordance with the law, while other legal provisions will still have the legal effect and influence on users.


3) The provisions of this Agreement are severable. If any provision of this Agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable, that provision may be deleted and the remaining provisions shall be enforced.


4) In the event of any dispute between the parties regarding the contents of this Agreement or its implementation, both parties shall use their best efforts to settle the matter through friendly negotiations; when the negotiation fails, either party may file a lawsuit in the Law Court where the Site is located.


L) Refund 


1) If, having purchased goods or services on the OneTicket Platform, you are subsequently entitled to a refund for any reason in respect of such goods or services, you agree that OneTicket will either (i) issue a Refund tickets; or (ii) where the purchase was made using a credit card, credit the refund to the same credit card. We may require you to provide additional information prior to processing any refund. (At moment we do not accept any credit card payment)

2)  A Refund Tickets is (i) not legal tender; (ii) not considered electronic money; (iii) not transferable; and (iv) subject to OneTicket terms and conditions.

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